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Charlie Hewitt: Charlie Hewitt has been touching and exploring through his printmaking with conspicuous energy for 30 years. The directness of his imagery is equaled by the directness of his techniques. His prints reveal and unusually close connection between his images and the tools he has used to produce them, whether a chisel used for a woodcut, a needle for a drypoint, or a sewing matching for a digital collage. By its nature, the process of printmaking is often quite indirect -- as opposed to the "what you see is what you get" qualities of paining or drawing. In contrast, prints depend on the creation of an image on a separate master printing surface (woodblock, copperplate, lithograph, stone, etc. -- or software in the case of digital prints), which is then used to transfer the image onto another surface, usually a sheet of paper. As a consequence of this two -- or more -- step process, the artist is not always able to foresee exactly what the final result will be. However, the variables inherent at any point in the process afford manifold opportunities, from image production to final printing, that open up a universe of possible results. The strongest printmakers have explored this universe to its fullest advantage, and Charlie Hewitt is among that number.

Charlie Hewitt

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